Nitrogen Generators Tyre Inflation Series

Nitrogen Generators Tire Inflation Series

The science is simple. Nitrogen molecules are bigger than air molecules, so they leak out of tires more slowly, meaning they stay inflated at the correct pressure longer. Proper tire inflation is key to gaining so many great benefits like superior handling, increased gas mileage, longer tire life and overall safety. Pneumatech’s nitrogen generators offer an easy to use, superior product with great value.

Nitrogen tire inflation is Green Technology. Tires inflated with nitrogen will hold pressure longer, saving energy and benefiting the environment. There are energy savings with properly inflated tires by producing better gas mileage, therefore creating less pollution. Increasing gas mileage reduces emissions and limits air pollution. Properly inflated tires will extend tire life, so fewer tires fill our landfills. Filling tires with nitrogen is an easy and affordable way to participate in Go Green efforts.

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Model # Length (Tank Mounted Units) Width (Tank Mounted Units) Height (Tank Mounted Units) Shipping Weight (Tank Mounted Units) Shipping Weight (Wall or Floor Mounted) Flow Rate
PMNG-80 31 in 34.5 in 72.5 in 443 lbs 173 lbs 168 scfh
PMNG-160 31 in 34.5 in 72.5 in 452 lbs 183 lbs 336 scfh
PMNG-240 31 in 34.5 in 72.5 in 467 lbs 199 lbs 504 scfh
PMNG-320 31 in 34.5 in 72.5 in 476 lbs 209 lbs 672 scfh
PMNG-500 N/A N/A N/A N/A 405 lbs 1120 scfh