Nitrogen Generators Mobile Series

The PN2G is Pneumatech’s new Mobile Nitrogen Generator. It is designed to bring an inexpensive nitrogen supply to the field in a self-contained unit that is reliable and easy to use.

The PN2G system is trailer mounted and is towed easily by any properly rated vehicle. It consists of three main components; a nitrogen generator, an air compressor, and an electrical generator. This allows the PN2G to operate independently of any other electrical power or compressed air source.

The nitrogen generator is designed to supply 98% pure N2 supply at a flow rate of 60 SCFM and 125 PSI outlet pressure.

Pneumatech reserves the right to change or revise specifications and product design in connection with any features of our products. Such changes do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions or replacements for equipment previously sold or shipped.

pneumatech mobile

Manufacturer Pneumatech
Model PN2G-2000
Min. Air Inlet Pressure 150 psig
Air Inlet Flow 200 scfm
Design Pressure 100-150 psig
N2 Outlet Pressure 125 psig
N2 Outlet Flow 60 scfm
N2 Purity 0.98
Receiver Capacity 200 gal
Control Voltage 120V-1PH-60Hz
Heater Element 6 Kw (230V-1PH-60Hz)
Air Compressor Manufacturer Atlas Copco
Model XATS 375 JD6
Type Oil Injected Rotary Screw
Capacity 375 scfm
Pressure 100 to 150 psig
Engine John Deere
Power (at Rated Speed) 135 hp
Speed at Full Load 2400 rpm
Fuel Consumption 5.8 GPH at Full Load
Fuel Tank Capacity 38 Gallons (diesel)
Electrical Generator Manufacturer Generac
Model XP8000E
Rated Output 8000 Watts
Maximum Output 12000 Watts
A/C Voltage 120/240V-1PH-60Hz
Fuel Consumption 1.3 GPH @ 50% Load
Fuel Tank Capacity 9 Gallons (gasoline)