Due to constant evolution of compressed air tools, machineries and processes, some applications require the use of compressed air totally free of oil.

Food and beverage industry, white rooms, laboratories, hospitals are typical examples.

WIS can fulfill these oil free requirements and can also basically replace any oil lubricated installation with extra benefits:

  • Peace of mind: – no contamination risk by oil.
  • Low maintenance: – no line filters regular exchange required.
  • Energy saving: – no extra consumption linked to pressure drop through the filtration installation.
  • Protection of the environment: – no polluted condensate and no cost for their treatment.
  • WIS® – are class 0 certified and ensure you the best quality of air.
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WIS® Technology

WIS® compressors, thanks to water lubrication properties have a low air temperature increase that allows high energy efficiency.

They integrate a standard Reverse Osmosis system, which plugged to tap water, refills the main water flow when required with a water free of mineral, sediments and bacteria.

Specific components also equipped the WIS® to avoid premature wear linked to water aggressivity, stainless steel water tank and filter housing, brass couplings and connections, Aluminium/Bronze alloy screw element housing, and polymerized ceramic rotors.

All WIS® are controlled with a sophisticated electronic controller that allows extended communication capability, including room control of up to 4 WIS® (optional).

Available in Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Integrated Dryer & Energy saving Variable Speed Drive(VSD) Variants.