Power 55kW – 75kW
Pressure 8 – 13 Bar

Compressor Unit

Pump with asymmetrical rotors of equal diameter assembled on low-wear bearings. A new design, highly efficient under any operating conditions, with reduced revolutions, low noise level and increased reliability.

Top-of-the-range electric motor with cast-iron casing, Efficiency 1, Class F, IP55 protection at low temperature.


  • Accessible: completely free rear side and ready access simplifies every mantenance operation.
  • Ventilation: well-distributed air flows ensure low operating temperature.
  • Silent: so little residual noise that the unit can be installed in workplaces.
  • Ergonomic: careful arrangement of components facilitates all control and/or maintenance operations.


Any energy waste harms the environment.
The MSD compressors eliminate this problem.

  • Highly efficient pump.
  • High-yield electric motor.
  • Intelligent ES 4000 electronic controller.

Years of experience, exclusive use of high-quality, proven components, efficient production on modern assembly lines. These factors make our compressors increasingly reliable and efficient with reduced specific power and low noise levels.