Power 30kW – 45kW
Pressure 8 – 13 Bar

Simple Installation

  • Compact and all in one system
  • Innovative design
  • Easy and full protected transport
  • Placement with forklift (2 lifting points) or trans pallet (1 lifting point)
  • No special foundation needed

Solid Quality

  • Outstanding and first-class components
  • High quality and long lasting belts
  • High reliable belt tensioning system for excellent performance
  • Seperate oil and air coolers
  • Less thermal shocks and a longer lifetime
  • Perfect air filtration and cooling
  • Overload protection
  • Full automatic control
  • High quality and heavy duty motor

Easy Maintenance and Accessibility

  • All service components located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility
  • Easy access for service or cleaning
  • Easy access of the coolers
  • Oil-level eye at the front
  • Easy and quick check thanks to service door and controller
  • Service and cleaning is a one person job

Saving of Costs

  • Less repair costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Optimal efficiency, lubrication and cooling
  • Improved controllers for a better energy efficiency
msc1 picture msc2 image

ES4000 Controller

  • Intelligent Unload Cycles
* Permanent Pressure Follow-up
  • Automatic restart after power failure


  • Emergency stop
* Protection grid
* Separate panel for beltguard
  • Closed inverter cubicle
es4000 controller

ES-4000 Controller