Power 11kW – 30kW
Pressure 8 – 13 Bar

Rotary Screw Compressor MSB

MSB range is a modern and aesthetically designed belt driven oil lubricated screw compressor offering a wide choice of variants, built with quality components in a state of the art assembly plant.

MSB Base

MSB range can fulfill industrial requirements up to 147 cfm with maximum reliability and efficiency whilst ensuring user friendliness, easy serviceability and low noise levels . Everything required from a compressor with technology you can trust.

MSB Tank Dry

MSB Tank Dry is an industrial option for compressed air production. They are compact, preassembled and ready for use. Ideal where space is limited or close proximity to the work site is required.

Single solution: compressor, dryer, tank and filters in just 1.5 m2 (500 l) with the following advantages:

  1. Minimum space requirement and easy installation
  2. No installation costs for the dryer and the filters (all assembled at the manufacturing factory’s premises)
  3. Elimination of air leaks in pipes
  4. The elimination of many pipes assures a minimum fall of pressure, increasing energy savings.
msb compressor

msb second picture

Electronic Controller

Regulation with the ES3000 controller allows the user to considerably reduce electrical energy consumption in the no – load phase, through the “intelligent shut down” feature, by automatically calculating, cycle by cycle, the minimum no – load functioning time, based on air consumption and the maximum number of start-ups per hour programmed.

msb controller