Power 5.5kW – 15kW
Pressure 8 – 13 Bar

The MSA range is a modern and aesthetically designed belt driven oil lubricated screw compressor offering a wide choice of variants, built with quality components in a state of the art assembly plant.

MSA Flow Diagram
Msa flow

  1. Oil filter
  2. Air/oil separator filter
  3. Air/oil cooler
  4. Safety valve
  5. Thermostatic valve
  6. Pressure Control
  7. Display
  8. Oil tank
  9. Suction Electro-valve
  10. Air Suction filter
  11. Air End
  12. Cooling fan
  13. Electric motor EFF1
  14. Temperature Control
  15. Transmission Group

Base Mounted

MSA range can fulfill industrial requirements up to 70 cfm with maximum reliability and efficiency whilst ensuring user friendliness, easy serviceability and low noise levels . Everything required from a compressor with technology you can trust.

Tank Mounted

Full Feature


MSA TANK & MSA DRY are two industrial options for compressed air production. They are compact, pre-assembled and ready for use. Designed for small and medium-scale industrial needs. Ideal where space is limited or close proximity to the work site is required.

Air Receiver

Made of steel panels horizontally mounted on a fixed base, built and inspected according to current AS1210 regulations. Sturdy structure allows all components to be assembled without affecting the tank’s stability.

MDX Dryer

For removing condensate in compressed air according to European environmental directives. Uses R134a ecological gas; with by-pass featuring:

  1. Low dewpoint,
  2. Lower maintenance,
  3. High reliability.

Filters and by-pass dryer

  1. Using the filters, it is possible to eliminate dust and oil particles up to a filtration degree of 0.01μ and to a degree of residual oil equal to 0.01 mg/m3.
  2. There is also the possibility of by-passing the dryer, assuring in any case air filtration.
  3. All condensate coming from the dryer, filters and tank, is centrally collected and 
drained in a single point through a timed drain device.


The direct-reading ES 3000 electronic regulator makes it possible to manage all running operations, perform machine control and regulation, monitor irregularities, stop the compressor in the event of emergency, view the data on the machine’s maintenance program.

Silent Running

Years of experience have been applied to the issue of noise levels with particular care taken in analysing the air flow inside the machine and the use of suitable panels with anti-noise devices. The care in assembly of the various components, and the absence of transmitted vibrations. All have enabled us to achieve results, which put even the standard version of our machine at the top of the market.

msa basemounted

MSA Base Mounted

msa tankmounted

MSA Tank Mounted

msa full featured

MSA Full Featured