MDX Refrigerant Type Dryers

The compressed air produced by the compressor contains a certain amount of relative humidity that could still condense.

To eliminate the damage produced by condensate without wasting compressed air, a series of MDX with ECD dryers has been developed conforming with environmental needs to European standards.


On intake, the saturated compressed air undergoes an initial cooling in the air-air exchanger by means of cold dried air. The second cooling phase takes place inside the evaporator where the air reaches the preset dew point. All the condensate separated during the cooling phase is treated and discharged automatically by a system of level sensors. The output compressed air is adequately dried and suitable for the majority of industrial uses.

MARK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dryers and is the only air compressor manufacturer that designs and produces all the dyers they use for their range of compressors in their own factories.

Range: 12.4CFM – 2472CFM


No CFC = No impact on the ozone layer.

CDX 4 ÷ 18: R 134a

CDX 24 ÷ 700: R404A


No wasted of compressed air because of the intelligent automatic discharge of condensate.

Discharges only water, NOT COMPRESSED AIR

  • Energy Saving
  • Noise-free, no acoustic impact.
  • Environmental protection.
mdx 50000 image

MDX 50000

mdx 10000 image

MDX 10000

mdx 3000

MDX 3000