The continuous innovation of the compressed air tools and machineries, the evolution of specific productive processes and uses, require exclusively air without oil.

It is easier and less hazardous to produce non-lubricated compressed air than to de-oil the compressed air contaminated by oil using more or less complicated filter assemblies.

A new compressor with innovative features, reliable, compact, noiseless and capable of producing compressed air without oil.

A double spiral without contact among the parts for an innovative NON-lubricated compressor.

Super-Silenced, Non-Lubricated Compressor

It covers a series of power range from 2 to 5 kW

Particularly suitable for installations close to use points, with direct association to the using machine, or as extension of an existing plant.

SUPER version: Structurally it is like the Skid version with super-silencing cover and with command and control panel.

SUPER DRY version: It is made up of compressor, as in version Super, with embedding within the same structure of a dryer with an ecological refrigerating cycle with gas R134a and indicator of the dew point.

Super-Silenced, Non-Lubricated Multiple Compressor

It covers a series of power range from 8 to 20 kW. Used in applications where the consumption of compressed air can be very variable, or where there is the need to have a stock always available. SUPER MULTI version: it is made up of two or more “Super” compressors integrated in a single structure. SUPER MULTI DRY is made up as the previous one, with embedding in the same structure of a dryer with refrigerating cycle, as above.

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