ADS Desiccant Type Dryers

The need for compressed air with lower dew points with respect to drying or refrigeration plants finds a response in adsorption drying systems. These systems primarily consist of two (EEC standard) filters, each containing a charge of adsorbent material, an automatic regulations system and, with pre and post filters.


Wet Air from the compressors passes through inlet filter (1) which removes
the oil and enters in to tower A.
The dessicant contained in it adsorbs the water vapour molecules. After a fixed (STD) or variable time (CD) the way valve (2) deviates the airflow from tower A to tower B and it becomes
the operation tower.


During the drying phase in the tower A, some dry air is deviated into the top of tower B, extracting the trapped water vapour from the dessicant material.

During this phase, tower B is open to the atmosphere, allowing the purge air to expand. The silencers (3) on the outlet ensure quiet operation PRESSURIZATION PHASE: Once regeneration has taken place and tower B is pressurized, the way valve (2) changes air flow again.

ADS 1–10 STD:

Compact and versatile Installation with multiport system. The inlet pre-filter is delivered loose with the dryer but it can be directly fixed on ADS. The post-filter are integrated in the dryer. Electronic Automatic Control(STD).

ADS 20–80 STD:

Floor mounted kit as standard. The inlet pre-filter and the outlet post-filter have to mounted on air distribution line. Electronic Automatic Control (STD) as standard, control dew point as option (CD).

ADS 110–215 STD:

Robust frame. Wide vessels for optimum air speed and reliable drying. The filters have to be mounted on air distribution line. Control (STD) as standard, control dew point as option (CD).

Energy Saving Control Dew Point – a small investment.
The ES-CDP is an advanced control system that regulates the operating cycle of adsorption air dryers. The system automatically lengthens and/or reduces the drying cycle according to the delivery dew point temperature whilst other functions remain unchanged. This reduces the average consumption of purified air and leads to a significant reduction in-operating costs. The ES-CPD is available for the range of ADS 20÷215 dryers.

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