Piston Compressor Series

CPRD Belt driven 2 stage compressors
from 5.5 to 10 HP

Performance air and higher pressure with large dual compression pumps
Enhanced efficiency and reliability with aluminium after cooler & Intercooler on selected pumps.
Longer compressor lifetime due to less wear and heat with low running motor speed.
Easy maintenance with quick filter cleaning and replacement, and oil sight glass Safety first with the clear and user friendly pressure switch and metal belt guard.

CPRS Belt driven 2 stage silenced compressors
from 5.5 to 10 HP

Super silenced units with sound proof cabinet and silent pumps running at low speed mounted on a large air tank with dryer.
Safety first with fire proof insulating foam on canopy units, and metal belt guards.
Easy maintenance with immediate access to all mechanical and electrical components
Enhanced efficiency and reliability with air flow designed for optimal air



Belt driven 2 stage petrol/diesel engine driven compressors
from 4 to 11 HP

A range of unplugged diesel and petrol engine belt driven compressors that are easy to move, that can cope with different air demands, that can power multiple tools at the same time and simultaneously provide a steady air flow; the BIengineAIR range comprises a two-in-one solution that can provide you with both air and electricity in remote locations.