CPVS Variable Speed Series

CPVS Variable Speed Screw Compressors From 125 To 180 HP

The Chicago Pneumatic CPVS variable speed compressor series allows you to drastically reduce your operating costs thanks to the advanced technology used. You can rely on high quality compressed air for the most demanding applications in general manufacturing industries, cement industry, power generation, mining applications when your compressed air system is not working at full capacity all day long.

CPVS series: Floor Mounted

CPVS Series Base
Power Range (HP) 125/150/180
Pressure Range (bar) 8/10
Capacity Range (cfm) 121 – 804

User Benefits

Proven Concept

The CPVS Concept has proven its reliability over nearly 10 years in thousands of installations throughout the world. Today’s CPVS incorporates the experience and competence of two earlier generations.

CPVS saves money

Our technology reduces the operating cost for your compressed air system by over 20%

Perfectly matched inverter

Leading inverter brand is perfectly matched to electric motor and air end for maximum energy savings.

Built to last

Designed for continuous duty and perfectly matched to the inverter speed regulation.

Energy saving controller

A unique control unit, specially programmed to work with the inverter to optimize energy saving.

High efficiency drive system

Coaxial coupling: reliable, efficient, compact, and quiet.