CPC Series

CPC Rotary Screw Compressors from 40 to 60 HP

High efficiency cooling and low power consumption make the CPC Compressors the ideal choice for processes requiring constant air flow at a steady pressure.

Load/no-Ioad control with shutdown function increase the compressor life and provide energy savings. Reliable supply of compressed air at minimum cost.

CPC Floor Mounted

CPC Series Base
Power Range (HP) 40/50/60
Pressure Range (bar) 8/10/13
Capacity Range(cfm) 140 – 268

User Benefits

Built to last

Designed for high efficiency and continuous duty under hard working conditions.

High efficiency cooling

Large oversized cooling, designed for demanding Australian conditions.

Two stage filtration

Improved double stage intake filtration protects internal components.

Energy saving controller

A unique controller, specially programmed for compressor management and energy saving.

Accessibility of parts

All consumables on same side of the machine, easy to access.