Fast, Easy, Reliable

AIRnetTM uses non-corrosive materials only:

  • Eliminates risk of pollution.
  • Delivers constant quality air from point of generation to point of use.
  • Maintains the required system pressure.
  • Reduces network maintenance.
  • Protects downstream manufacturing processes.

System savings

AIRnet’s smooth inner aluminum surface has numerous benefits:

  • No resistance of air circulation.
  • Minimal network pressure drop.
  • No energy waste.

High compatibility

  • Can be connected to any existing equipment.
  • Can be connected to any existing network.
  • Allows for future network extensions.
  • Continuously evolving product.

Quick to install

  • Lightweight yet robust and easy to cut, AIRnet aluminium pipes can be installed safely by just one person without any training.
  • The polymer fittings provide perfect alignment, eliminating the need for welding, gluing or crimping. * Pipes up to Ø25 mm (1”) can be tightened by hand, with instant air tightness.
  • The system can be pressurized immediately after assembly, limiting downtime to a strict minimum.
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A complete solution

The AIRnet compressed air piping system is a complete solution from source to production thanks to its high quality aluminium pipes, its range of aluminium and polymer fittings from Ø20 – 80 mm (3⁄4” – 3”) and variety of specialized tools, brackets and bushing.

High material resistance

The AIRnet piping system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions.

The flexible fit

AIRnet’s thread assembly, system cleanness and easy disassembly mean full reusability, fast extension possibilities, and full control over the network.

Minimum leakage

  • O-ring ensures an airtight fit.
  • Resistant to vibration.
  • No risk of corrosion.
  • Easy system maintenance.
  • No energy waste.