Air Technology Group offers a full line of aftermarket service products which range from service plans, original spare parts and energy recovery equipment.

Service Plans

The Service plan includes all the recommended servicing advised at right intervals and in a proactive manner. Thus you can have a problem free machine by opting for our annual maintenance contract at a fixed cost for a predetermined period which will also help you in your maintenance cost forecasts. This plan is flexible; hence you can customize it to suit your individual company requirements.

Original Parts

Genuine Chicago Pneumatic parts are manufactured to meet the same standards as your compressor. They have passed the same endurance tests and have been proven to provide the best protection of your investment. Correct specifications and right quality provide problem free maintenance.

Energy Box Kit

One of the better methods for improving the overall efficiency of any compressed air system and reduce your plant’s total energy consumption, is recovering the rejected heat and reuse it in your production cycle. Through the compression process, part of the energy is lost as radiation. Chicago Pneumatic’s Energy Recovery unit is able to extract an amount of energy from the compressed air that is equivalent to the amount of energy that the electric motor uses.
The most common uses for the recovered energy include process heating, extra space heating, heating water or preheating boiler make-up water.

Air Audits

Estimating how much energy your compressed air system is using is relatively easy. A thorough survey of the compressed air system dynamics, including analysing airnet key parameters (flow delivered, power consumption, pressure and quality required….) allows you to determine the right operating balance and to identify the energy savings potentials.

original parts

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